Call for Papers

Aim and statement for cooperation

The general aim of the Summer School 2022 is to start a collaborative and joint process of exchange on discussion on international level. All participants are invited to work out a presentation related to the key issues of the summer school for presentation and discussion. Beside presentations, posters and discussion we would also invite and to stimulate you to work on innovative and creative ways for presentations which focus on the key questions, including film, art, literature, music etc. The proposal should focus on aspects of social justice and social work according to the key questions of the short description. International students (undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral) and groups of students are invited to participate in the Summer School 2022 as well as established researcher. You find a list of those researchers already participating under Keynotes. The number of participants in the summer school is limited to 80. Please qualify your proposal according to the following categories:

  • workshop proposal
  • paper presentation
  • poster presentation
  • others

The organizing committee will review the proposals and define key themes to work on during the summer school. For the participating students as early as possible we will open an online forum for those submitted a proposal to exchange, discuss and prepare international perspectives to the key themes of the conference.

How to Apply

If you are interested in contributing to the summer school please send a short description (300 words and 2 key questions) to both of the organizers. Please include the names of all contributors, the title, and the subject/topic of your planned activity.

Please also email a CV which includes: Full name; Contact details (address and email); Qualifications; fields of work and interest. 

  • Deadline for proposals: February 21st , 2022
  • Comments on the proposals: March 7th , 2022

Distribution of the Call for Proposals

Please support us in distributing the CFP to colleagues and students.

For further information please contact:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Geisen

Lecturer, Institute for Integration and Participation, FHNW School of Social Work

Andreas Schauder
Prof. Andreas Schauder. Dipl. Ped.

Lecturer, University Centre, FHNW School of Social Work